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The Drax Files World Makers Episode 45 Arduenn Schwartzmann


The Drax Files World Makers Episode 45 Arduenn Schwartzmann

[*** news flash: the special Draxtor WarBug seen in the video is now available in LIMITED EDITION right here or in-world ***]

What drives a molecular biologist and house-husband to abandon academia and instead run a thrift store in a virtual world and invent a successful air combat game franchise in there?

Meet [flying?] Dutchman Arduenn Schwartzmann, self-taught 3D content creator and self-described jack-of-all-trades, equally admired by his 4 kids, their peers and SL residents the world over.

With over 400 “useless” [his term!] items for sale in the Metaverse and countless collaborative projects - with game designers MadPea Productions among many others - his body of work speaks for itself.

This overdue episode of Drax Files gives us a rare glimpse behind the scenes of this creative genius, examines his workflow and premieres a very special limited edition Draxtor WarBug.

The video does not however answer the most pressing question of all: are over 50% of Second Life residents Dutch and if so: what does it mean?

Check out Arduenn’s offerings here or in-world at the Black Forest


Thanks to Phil Thoma for shooting WarBug 360 footage in SL - what a great job!

Thanks to Ard’s family [Natasja, Daniël, Míriëlle & Gwendoline] & their friend Kira for the starring in and the filming of RL footage in Maastricht. Their favorite YouTuber [among others!] as seen in the last sequence is TeamDylanHaegens =

A very special thanks as always to our in-world team of background actors [including Silas Merlin, Cayenne Republic, Cassyanna, Bren Kenin, Laoin Xaris, Uccie Galway, Pim Peccable, blue goblet, Nat Pevensey, Chilli Can, YoshiArigato, Shadow Blade Angel, Naxos Loon, Patty Hernandez] and of course Marianne McCann for leading us into Bug Battle all the while keeping us on track filming the relevant footage.

This episode contains music by Domine [their metal take on Wagner’s "Ride of the Valkyries”] and the theme from the NES game “Pictionary” written by Tim Follin. 

All other music by b/d [available per request if you ask nicely!]

If you like to [re]watch the teasers where Arduenn speed builds a merry-go-round and makes the Draxtor™ WarBug, please do so at and

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