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The RHINE GOLD - L'or du Rhin



TerraMerhyem presents the Closing of her LEA2 sim based on theme "Norse/Germanic Myths & Legends" (July 30th 2017 in Second Life):

Dance-show : "THE RHINE GOLD"

Choreography : Medora Chevalier
Installation : Zimp Rexie
Music : Ultraviolet

1 - Once upon a time… The great river is at peace. It carries good clean water, nourishes the fishes, otters, dragonflies, algae… The five graceful spirits, guardians of the river’s living treasure – a magic stone – swim in its waters, laughing together and playing with the river animals.
2 - One day a giant visitor arrives. His huge feet stir the mud from the bottom of the river, clouding the water and frightening the animals. The river spirits, alarmed and upset, cry: “Stop! You are hurting the river!” He replies: “I’ll stop if you tell me why the river matters.” “It is a special river with a magic stone. While the great river is pure then the sea and the earth are pure.” “What a pretty stone! – Oh!... Its GOLD!” Then the giant laugh, pick up the golden stone and walk off kicking the mud into the water’s. The river spirits weep for the loss of the river’s purity and the loss of their innocence, and curse those who abuse the golden protection of Nature.
3 - The giant has now power over all the natural world and the living things in it, including humanity. His avidity grows more and more… The skies and waters are polluted, land is ravaged, living things are dying – and begin the famine…
The Spirits of the Fire are embodied and fight against the giant…
4 - The giant dies and the five spirits seize the gold from the wreckage. The waters of the river rise and wash away the ruins of the giant’s world. The spirits of the river, of the sea, of land and air dance in celebration of the restoration of nature’s balance and beauty…

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