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  • 04:46 Scissors


    by BrynOh Added 420 Views / Likes

    Scissors A girl drops her scissors onto the grass when startled during a lightning storm. The scissors land in the soil, one blade piercing it, creating an almost religious symbol or icon which draws forth an Emperor Moth to perch upon it. From there othe

  • 04:01 Obedience


    by BrynOh Added 368 Views / Likes

    Obedience A hybrid art exhibition showing both at the jüdisches Museum in Berlin and the virtual environment of Second Life starting 22.05.-13.09.2015. The virtual space was created by Bryn Oh and Jo Ellsmere and shows on monitors within the Museum a

  • 03:04 Lobby Cam - trailer

    Lobby Cam - trailer

    by BrynOh Added 278 Views / Likes

    A new artwork created by Bryn Oh named Lobby Cam. Opening March 29th, 2015.

  • 20:44 Imogen and the pigeons (Updated)

    Imogen and the pigeons (Updated)

    by BrynOh Added 453 Views / Likes

    On Demand -dialogue fixed.. I um.. forgot to put in a portion of the narration in the previous render somehow.Imogen and the pigeons was an immersive virtual environment supported by the Ontario Arts Council and shown in the virtual world of second life a

  • 01:58 Elliot Amber

    Elliot Amber

    by BrynOh Added 299 Views / Likes

    On Demand A character from Imogen and the pigeons virtual environment

  • 05:52 Vessel's Dream

    Vessel's Dream

    by BrynOh Added 239 Views / Likes

    Burning life build in Second life.

  • 06:50 26 tines

    26 tines

    by BrynOh Added 206 Views / Likes

    This is a build for the university of texas san antonio. Opens I think on february 27th. Its a cam build in second life.

  • 05:10 Lady Carmagnolle

    Lady Carmagnolle

    by BrynOh Added 194 Views / Likes

    A poem machinima

  • 04:39 Format


    by BrynOh Added 187 Views / Likes

    A poem by Bryn Oh

  • 02:39 Mayfly


    by BrynOh Added 191 Views / Likes

    The poetic life of a Mayfly.

  • 02:58 Willow


    by BrynOh Added 219 Views / Likes

    We hide in the tree at night or crouch in the foaming brine not thinking of the rust that will mar our metallic shine As the hunters drew close you left our shelter and drew the spotlight to your flight so all they would see is you Caught and dismantled t

  • 04:36 Cerulean


    by BrynOh Added 793 Views / Likes

    Cerulean is a side story within an exquisite corpse build done in Second Life. The larger build is called The Path and is a collaboration between Bryn Oh, Colin Fizgig, Marcus Inkpen, Desdemona Enfield / Douglas Story, Maya Paris, Claudia222 Jewell, Scott

  • 04:38 Gretchen and Teddy

    Gretchen and Teddy

    by BrynOh Added 192 Views / Likes

    The story of Gretchen and Teddy

  • 02:13 Rusted Gears

    Rusted Gears

    by BrynOh Added 207 Views / Likes

    Winner of the Peter Greenaway prize at UWA.Just a quiet little machinima for the University of Western Australia. For this I was wondering if I could make a type of connection between the music and the fading in and out of the poetry. To see if the viewer

  • 13:21 Anna's Many Murders

    Anna's Many Murders

    by BrynOh Added 197 Views / Likes

    The story of Anna.

  • 03:37 Virginia Alone

    Virginia Alone

    by BrynOh Added 217 Views / Likes

    Virginia Alone is a look into the mind of Virginia Blakeley a blind lady living alone for 20 years in a remote farm house in Canada. During this time she recorded hundreds of cassette tapes chronicling a variety of things including her lifelong struggle a

  • Standby


    by BrynOh Added 243 Views / Likes

    Standby is from a trilogy of poetic narratives hosted by IBM in a virtual environment. The trilogy began with The Daughter of Gears, followed by The Rabbicorn story and ending with Standby. Here I have combined all three into one story. I was awarded a ne

  • Juniper


    by BrynOh Added 220 Views / Likes

    Under a blanket with holes throughout nobody sees in but Juniper looks out. She whispers, Come under with me and together we'll hide.Hold me in the darkness there'll be no outside where people are cruel and winters are cold where I don't fit in and everyt

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