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UWA Pursue Impossible Awards Ceremony


UWA Pursue Impossible Awards Ceremony

The final challenge at what has been a phenomenal run...the UWA Pursue Impossible Awards Ceremony was recorded live at the University of Western Australia in Second Life on December 13, 2015.
Pursue Impossible UWA 3D ART Challenge Winners:

First Place (L$60,000): THE BRIDGE by Elif Ayiter of Sabanci University (SL: Alpha Auer), Istanbul Turkey

Second Place (L$40,000): ACHIEVE IMPOSSIBLE by Carmsie Melodie of Melbourne, Australia

Third Place (L$30,000): PURSUE THE END OF HOMELESSNESS by Nino Vichan of New York City, USA

Fourth Place (L$20,000)
IMPOSSIBLE QUEST by Jipe Loon of Haute-Savoie, France

Fifth Place (Tie - L$7,500 each)

PURSUING ORDER IS PURSUING IMPOSSIBLE by Takni Mistwalker & Misio2 of Barcelona, Spain & Melbourne, Australia

RISE ABOVE THE MUNDANE by Kazuhiro Aridian of Michigan, USA

Sixth Place (None given due to 5th place tie)

Seventh Place (L$5,000)
IMPOSSIBLE GEOMETRY by Peli Dieterle of Cologne, Germany

Eighth Place (L$5,000)
THE SHADOW OF QUICKSAND by Haveit Neox of Los Angeles, California, USA

Ninth Place (L$5,000)
RACE- HUMAN: PLANET - EARTH by Sharni Azalee of Mandurah, Australia

Tenth Place (4-way tie - L$1,250 each)
PURSUING THE IMPOSSIBLE by quadrapop Lane of Perth, Australia.

THE GIFT by Secret Rage of Dallas, Texas, USA

PERSPECTIVES by Pixels Sideways of Southern California, USA

DREAM by Mistero Hifeng of Italy

UWA Special Prize (L$35,000), selected by the UWA members of the judging panel, going to the artwork that best encapsulated the UWA essence of 'Pursue Impossible':
DREAM WITHIN A DREAM by Krystali Rabeni, of Blackpool, England

FOUNDERS Special Awards (L$5,000 each):
Dusty Canning of Perth, Australia
Jesse Keyes of Dawsonville, Georgia, USA

Curator's Choice Award (L$25,000):
PURSUING THE IMPOSSIBLE by quadrapop Lane of Perth, Australia

Curator's Choice Honorary Mention Awards (L$2,000 each):
Lilia Artis (Bern, Switzerland) ~ Again

K3W Resident (Pacific Northwest, USA) ~ Will I Dream?

Barry Richez (Toulouse, France) ~ Love Impossible

Ronin1 Shippe (New Mexico, USA) ~ Elephant Whimsy


1st Place (L$12,000): LALIE SORBET
2nd Place (L$10,000): ELLE THORKVELD
3rd Place (L$8,000): MORITUNA WATANABE
4th Place (L$6,000): PEARL GREY
5th Place (L$2,500): LIRA SAVIRA
5th Place (L$2,500): VIVIAN SHAN

MachinimUWA VIII Film Winners:

First Place (L$60,000): PURSUE IMPOSSIBLE by Kobuk Farshore of Alaska, USA
Second Place (L$50,000): DEATH OF DEATH by Tutsy Navarathna, Frenchman in Pondicherry, India
Third Place (L$40,000):
TIS AN EGG by Haveit Neox and Lilia Artis of Los Angeles, USA and Berne, Switzerland
Fourth Place (L$30,000): DON'T LOOK BACK by Vilvi Rae, of Jyvaskylla, Finland
Fifth Place (L$20,000): PARALLEL UNIVERSES by JaeSang of Seattle,Washington, USA
Sixth Place (L$5,000): FOLDING TIME, by Chic Aeon of Corvallis, Oregon, USA
Joint Seventh Place (L$5,000): PURSUE IMPOSSIBLE? by Livio Korobase of Carravagio, Italy
Joint Seventh Place (L$5,000): PURSUE IMPOSSIBLE by Sarah Whitney of Stonington, Connecticut, USA
Eighth Place (not given due to 7th place tie)
Ninth Place (L$2,500): GHOST RACE by Panda of La Courneuve, France
Tenth Place (L$2,500): MAGIC MIRRORS by Artistik Oluja, a Briton living in Kuwait
Tenth Place (L$2,500): TOUCHING WHITE by Haveit Neox & Lilia Artis of Los Angeles, USA and Berne, Switzerland
Special Machinima Lifetime Achievement Award (L$7,500):
NATASCHA RANDT and KARIMA HOISAN of Gelsenkirchen, Germany and San Isidro del General, Costa Rica
UWA Special Prizes selected by UWA members of the panel (L$17,500 each):
PURSUE IMPOSSIBLE ON UWA TODAY by Diana AL Martini of Jakarta, Indonesia
TIS AN EGG by Haveit Neox and Lilia Artis of Los Angeles, USA and Berne, Switzerland

1st Place (L$12,000): KARIMA HOISAN

2nd Place (L$10,000): LALIE SORBET

3rd Place (L$8,000): PEARL GREY

4th Place (L$6,000): ZAKALI

5th Place (L$5,000): MAGICFAIRY MERLIN

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